August 16, 2018

Monterey Bud

Starlight, starbright, I got seriously medicated last night thanks to a couple of well-timed bong hits of Star Pebbles. Cultivated by Cru Cannabis, this strain is an eye-catching flower when admired from a distance, and even more impressive when viewed up close. Star Pebbles is condensed and packed with ripe, pungent trichomes. It’s synergistic effects provided extraterrestrial relief for some of my earthbound angst. Smoked as my after dinner dessert, Star Pebbles had a flavor that made it feel like I was enjoying a refreshing fruit smoothie. After a couple of early evening bong rips, I was immediately relieved of stressful thoughts as I embraced a relaxing body high and let  the daily drama of family, finances, and work melt by the wayside.

Lesley Nickus

The Star Pebbles nugs we received from Cru were super-dense and dusty with a mint green coloring spotted lightly with orange hairs. The flavor was unusual — bright but not citrusy, with light hints of diesel and pine. When smoked in a joint, the potent flavor develops over time from a gas-heavy first hit to a smooth, sweet ending. I immediately felt a tingle on my tongue after the first hit. The high started with a mild head change and a deep body relaxation that put me into a contemplative headspace. Over time, the cerebral effect evolved, everything was enhanced but I didn’t feel overwhelmed or incapacitated. Just pleasant.

Allena Braithwaite

Star Pebbles had clusters of white trichomes on dark green leaves and frosty nugs that seemed to promise a powerful high. This cultivar must have been extremely frustrated producing all that resin to attract some pollen, only to be denied relief. Instead of pollinating and producing seeds, these ladies make buds that end up the fruits of our splendor and the source of my cottonmouth.

A Star Pebbles joint had a taste that at first I could not describe. The cultivar’s flavonoids rendered floral and diesel notes. Each puff omitted smooth, sweet smokiness and berry flavors. The body high set in immediately — I felt tingly. My brain was wiry, and longing to go outside. When I finally did, I enjoyed the fresh air as the sun sat in the sky like a king.

Suzy Nguyen

The aroma from Cru Cannabis Star Pebbles is simply incredible. As we were grinding the flower, a whiff of earthy berry and pine attacked our senses and left a faint herbal essence in the air. Our palates adjusted to the tasty terps and the longer the joint burned, the sweeter the weed tasted. The soft citrus tones blended with a dash of pinene and linalool to maintain a mellow flavor. The potency offered up Hybrid effects that left me feeling chilled out. I was neither hyper-focused nor dazed. Smoking Star Pebbles was a nice break in the day and gave me a much-needed canna-boost.


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